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Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth

“I like Laundromats,” says Mel Bosworth. “They’re warm and filled with warm noise, like an airplane or a bus or a womb. Every Laundromat in the World is where we all come from and where we’re going and how we’re getting there.”

Mel Bosworth’s newest collection, Every Laundromat in the World, bears down on the tucked away distress hidden behind the mundane — the places we call comfort as routine. Everything we cling to, as a means of defining existence, is extraordinary and vital, as well as tragic in a patient whirl waiting to crumble. What’s soft is jagged in its birth; what’s glorious is hysterical as the light exposes it. This is the blood of the everyday.

Every Laundromat in the World is 40 poems scaled to a sharp skeletal frame — a style seemingly removed compared to Bosworth’s most recent praised release, the novel Freight, which was a wrought undertaking. After its release the Western Massachusetts’ writer took small steps to create again, lacerating small words from phrases, observations, and dialogue. What came from the reacquainting process was 150 pieces, and from that Every Laundromat in the World became pages, ready to be bound and born.

Purchase: Print Version Sold Out. Digital Version Only.

75 print copies.
Layout & Design by Brian Manley (Fun With Robots)
First 40 copies receive a laundromat Polaroid.

Two Poem Preview

Advance Praise:

“In concise language, Mel Bosworth turns the domestic and the mundane into something alien and often disturbing. The disquiet that wrestles beneath these poems subtly shatters the spectacle of the everyday and allows the reader to focus “instead on the joy of being swallowed // feet first.” – Gina Myers, author of False Spring

“With all the wonder of anyone watching someone running over the bridge // a mob behind him with balloons / and party favors and fangs, the speaker in Mel Bosworth’s Every Laundromat in the World inhabits a third person pried wide open. It’s a voice that bears hypergenerous witness to the terrible beauty that is being a person surrounded by people. We fall in love. We touch each other. We leave. We talk about dinosaurs. We hope someone can see the dignity in all of this. Bosworth’s work stands as proof that someone sees us for what we are, and in these poems we are very wonderful.” – Ben Kopel, author of Victory

“Let the title deceive you. Let the scant lines deceive you. Read at changing speeds. Read for two weeks. Believe everything you already thought you knew about what can still be done with the haiku form and the absurdist mode. See what tender things Mel Bosworth squeezes from milk, the indoors, the outdoors, cats, skunks, and window treatments. Believe your eyes. Believe Mel Bosworth’s eyes.” – Amy McDaniel, author of Selected Adult Lessons

“The poems in Mel Bosworth’s Every Laundromat in the World may be short but they are far from scant. In each I found delight and wonder and the incomparable trembling of recognition. This book beats with a tender heart and crackles with a startling narrative energy. Visit these poems and rejoice that writers like Mel Bosworth are at work alongside us all.” – Jensen Beach, author of For out of the Heart Proceed

Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth from Safety Third on Vimeo.

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