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Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn by Tom Cheshire

Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn is Tom Cheshire’s first collection. It’s 50 poems, or songs or stories, that together make up a little bit of sadness, laughter, and joy. For a few moments there is a little piece of hope, but like life, things seems to fall apart.

Tom Cheshire is an American gutter poet, songwriter and musician from New York City. He formed The Rent Boys when he first arrived in Atlanta in the early 90’s, a band once described as Tom Waits fronting The Clash. In 2005 All Night Drug Prowling Wolves took shape, carrying the torch that The Rent Boys first ran with.

Most recently Tom has been writing under the name West End Motel featuring Brent Hinds of Mastodon. They have traveled the country and spent their days on the road busking in the street. That music has married his love of both Americana and poetry.

Tom has written for many magazines including VICE in New York City. His songs and poems offer a mix of tales of heartbreak and defiance with a little applesauce on the side. They are stories of love and loss and a little bit of laughter with a glimpse of hope for the underdog.

Purchase: Print and Digital

Also available at these locations:
Criminal Records
Powell’s Books
Stickfigure Distro
Young Blood Gallery
Vouched Books/Atlanta

Advance Praise:

“I typically hate poets for a number of reasons. 1.) They smell funny. 2.) They spread venereal diseases. 3.) They usually have the personalities of mold and could care less about flesh. Tom Cheshire is not a poet. He is a goddamn human being who writes beautiful words. These are poems that make feasts of this life, invite you to orgies, and provide penicillin for the horrible plagues that are inside of us all. If you don’t read these poems you’ll probably get cancer, or at least fifteen years bad luck. Go ahead. Do it. Read them. Your loins and your spirit will thank you. I haven’t felt this strong in years.”
– Scott McClanahan, Author of Stories, Stories II, and Stories V

“Tom Cheshire is a multi-media Dionysian clusterfuck, a freedom fighter determined to crush complacency and celebrate the scars of a life truly lived. In this new collection of poems, he’s glued up and speeding, driving without lights on the wrong side of the road, and shouting out free-style epiphanies, never failing to find the silver lining around every bullet hole in his heart.”
– Bill Taft, Atlanta musician

“Tom Cheshire steals Tom Waits larynx and plays it backwards slow enough to create a cocktail of passion and regret. You may regret waking up in the morning with this book. You may not regret it, either.”
– J. Bradley, Author of Dodging Traffic and The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Is A Robot

“Tom Cheshire is absolutely lovely and has a true gift. There is something charmingly vulnerable and visceral about his work. Those are unusual and quite fetching attributes for a manly man.”-  Emily Ferry, Hollywood Bad Girl

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