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Desperate Encounters to Tip a Hat at The Devil

Jayne O’ Connor has written a chapbook. It’s called When You Meet The Devil Tip Your Hat.

When You Meet The Devil Tip Your Hat is coming out on Safety Third, but we don’t have all the money we need to put her collection to ink.

So a party must be thrown. One of words from fantastic writers and performers. One of music worth transferring a drunken stupor from one location to The Star Bar. One with raffles.

The party is Desperate Encounters and it will be a completely frenzied and shameless plea for your money and attention.

You can call it a live Kickstarter. You can call it a fundraiser. You can call it a party where you know where your money is going.

Just be there. You’ll be missed if you don’t go. safety Third loves you, don’t you know?

Readings from Bill Taft, Rachel Trignano, Topher Payne, John Carroll, Gina Rickicki, and Jayne O’ Conner. Hosting is Amy McDaniels (Solar Anus Reading Series) and Matt DeBenedictis (Safety Third Enterprises).

Musical Performance by Ding Dong Family Circus (a glee club featuring members of Hello Ocho, Christ, Lord, We The Lion, Spirit Temple, TV Dinner, Dad Wave, and more!), Adam Anzio, and The Illiterates (featuring members of SEX BBQ, Bishop Don, and The JoJo 2).

Now check out this Godzilla Dog. It could be there as well (maybe).


Coming Soon…

Upcoming releases:

John Carroll: Slow Burn
Jayne O’Connor: When You Meet The Devil Tip Your Hat 
Tyler Gobble: 48 Pornos

Information, in the form of words and pictures, is forthcoming.

It’s A Liquidation Sale

Safety Third has been on the hush side of late, but things will soon become noisy and decadent. There will be chapbooks to read as plans are moving beyond being an existence of ideas.

But before all that a makeshift office in a room must be cleared. This is liquidation sale as most of these chapbooks are close to being sold out.

Those holidays are coming up and what makes a better gift than I Don’t Respect Female Expression by Frank Hinton, or He Is Talking To The Fat Lady by xTx? Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth is a great stocking stuffer — though you will need an awkward sized stocking to house it. And don’t forget Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn by Tom Cheshire is a great companion to West End Motel‘s new album.

So please head over to the shop, and remember if you’re ordering in the US the shipping is free. If you’re outside the states send an e-mail and we’ll work it out.

Every Laundromat In The World Gets The Big Love

Reviews keep barreling into existence giving warm words to Mel Bosworth’s Every Laundromat In The World.

The Orange Alert gave it a spotlight.
Matt Bell gave it a thumbs up.
i am alt lit called it ‘next level.’ Most understand that grand statement to mean that this chapbook is Crank 2 and Mel Bosworth is Jason Statham in need of friction.

Copies are selling fast, make sure not to miss out.

Every Laundromat In The World Has Begun Shipping

The wait is over, Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth has finally arrived. If you pre-ordered a copy it’s already in the mail. If you haven’t ordered one yet, you should. Seriously your horoscope has been seen (Safety-Third-Pinky-Swear) and it said “For A Chapbook of Laundry Good Luck Will Guide You”. Your next fortune cookie will say the speak of the same.

Buy the limited print version or the digital version.

Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth from Safety Third on Vimeo.

You Can Pre-order Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth

Pre-orders for Mel Bosworth’s Every Laundromat In The World are a go, meaning web buttons can now be pressed in symbolic movement of commerce. The release date may be June 23rd but now is the moment to not only ensure yourself a copy of this grandiose chapbook but if you’re one of the first 40 people who order you’ll be getting a snazzy, ultra-limited laundromat Polaroid as part of the packaging.

In a reverence of celebration for one week all Safety Third chapbooks still in stock are on sale: He Is Talking To The Fat Lady (xTx), I Don’t Respect Female Expression (Frank Hinton), Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn (Tom Cheshire), and Congratulations! There’s No Last Place If Everyone Is Dead (Matt DeBenedictis).

If you order Every Laundromat In The World with any other chapbook your order will not be shipped until the release date of June 23rd.

You Can Win A Personalized Copy of Every Laundromat In The World

Yes you can. A special one-off print, dedicated to you and holding two extra poems, of Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth can be won in a wonderful contest hosted by Vouched Books. The winner will also get one copy of every Safety Third release we still have in stock.

Grab a camera, you can submit on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, or through e-mail. You can also set up some poetry bombing to win. There really aren’t any rules besides don’t get arrested.

Winner will be announced on release day (June 23rd).

(Seriously, pour a little malt liquor out for Vouched this weekend because they are that great.)