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Mel Bosworth’s newest collection, Every Laundromat in the World, bears down on the tucked away distress hidden behind the mundane — the places we call comfort as routine. Everything we cling to, as a means of defining existence, is extraordinary and vital, as well as tragic in a patient whirl waiting to crumble. What’s soft is jagged in its birth; what’s glorious is hysterical as the light exposes it. This is the blood of the everyday.

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Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn is Tom Cheshire’s first collection. It’s 50 poems, or songs or stories that together make up a little bit of sadness, laughter, and joy. For a few moments there is a little piece of hope, but like life, things seems to fall apart.

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Who is Frank Hinton? The author of the newest chapbook from Safety Third Enterprises? Why yes, but more so Frank, a manifested male character, is the voice of a woman searching out for masculinity while on an island of femininity.

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In her first chapbook xTx holds nothing back, but if for one moment anyone thought this collection would drift from her candor explorations in prose and poetry they obviously haven’t been paying attention to the words of this Southern California writer. As assumed xTx is not a birth name, and no one is really sure if this anonymity is to protect her or us.

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A collection of prose-poems from J. Bradley in his first foray into fiction. Bradley’s swift cuts and unapologetic style still remains intact in this new frame delighting in tales of Jurassic Park, sexual liaisons, and sexual disgust. Even in the darker times of the twenty story collection the Florida poet goes for a dirty bountiful laugh.

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Matt DeBenedictis’ third collection is five stories all bound by ghosts and the end of the end.

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Tales of a child named Fuck Nut to the coldness that greets all on the skyline over Moscow Congratulations! There’s No Last Place If Everyone Is dead grasps to go beyond the lines of just the absurd, seeking to place a beating heart in all of the dark places.

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