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He Is Talking To The Fat Lady by xTx

In her first chapbook xTx holds nothing back, but if for one moment anyone thought this collection would drift from her candor explorations in prose and poetry they obviously haven’t been paying attention to the words of this Southern California writer. As assumed xTx is not a birth name, and no one is really sure if this anonymity is to protect her or us.

From her e-book Nobody Trust a Black Magician (NonPress) to Shudder Pageant, her collaboration with writer Mel Bosworth, xTx has pushed herself with each publication, and He Is Talking to the Fat Lady continues in this tradition.

Purchase: Print Version Sold Out. Digital Version Only.

Advance Praise:

“xTx’s collection is a no nonsense, no remorse, study of lust, love, and hate. In 11 stories she covers the spectrum of human emotion all expectorated with a deft hand and a crooked smile.”
–Ben Spivey, author of Flowing in the Gossamer Fold

“xTx’s poetic stories utilize the modernist’s love of language and sub-conscious dreamlike visions to say very real things about pain, abuse and desire. There is an urgency to these stories, as if they needed to be told. As the reader, how wonderful to feel that need, that purpose; these stories are the opposite of empty.’
–Paula Bomer, author of Baby

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