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At Safety Third Enterprises we believe in the power of the word, and that the word is power. The word is not eons aged manuscripts on the mechanics of masculine gods, nor is it the longing thoughts about love and children — though it could be, we just pray to ourselves that it’s not. Those words are boring.

Safety Third Enterprises is executed in phases. The first being of hand crafted chapbooks.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pressed spine of inked prose and poems, but there is something about a chapbook, something so defiant in its existence. Their continued progress and expectation goes against the idea that timeless words must inhabit a bookshelf with order and prestige.

Within the hand creased order of a chapbook new presentations are given a medium, one excepted to be messy, unforgiving, and never thinking of safety.

Phase two will reveal itself through time and work.

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