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Mel Bosworth, Every Laundromat In The World
What To Wear During An Orange Alert?: Review
I Am Lit: Review
Vouched Books: Review
DecomP: Review

Tom Cheshire, Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn
Outsider Writers: Review
Vouched Books: Review
Creative Loafing: Interview
Vouched Books: Awful Interview

Frank Hinton, I Don’t Respect Female Expression
Outsider Writers: Review
HTML Giant: Review
North of Onhava: Review
Vouched Books: Review
We Who Are About to Die: Review
Pank Magazine: Review
DecomP Magazine: Review
Rumble Magazine: Review

xTx, He Is Talking To The Fat Lady
Big Other: Review
Eric Beeny: Review

J. Bradley, The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Is A Robot
Orange Alert: Review
PANK: Review
Outsider Writers: Review
HTMLGIANT: Interview

Matt DeBenedictis, Congratulations! There’s No Last Place If Everyone Is Dead
Outsider Writers: Review

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