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I Don’t Respect Female Expression by Frank Hinton

Who is Frank Hinton? The author of the newest chapbook from Safety Third Enterprises? Why yes, but more so Frank, a manifested male character, is the voice of a woman searching out for masculinity while on an island of femininity.

“He is made. In the chapbook he is made when a father dies. He is a kind of child idea, a child born into fiction,” Hinton says of her own creation within the narrative walls of I Don’t Respect Female Expression.

Can men and women ever truly understand each other? At our best social moments we come to claim victory by only grasping at the patterns of our sexual opposites. In the grand scheme we stumble clueless. Hinton seeks to get past that, all the while enjoying the juxtaposition of female power and female powerlessness as they stand as a cage and weapon mixed together, a modern cocktail.

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“I’s a way and I’s a way to know. I’s not forty thousand dead crabs on a beach. I’s not the dog Will Smith kills in the movie or the photo of your dad’s old paddle boat. But sometimes I is soft and lonely, and sometimes I makes the hole that makes more holes. Frank Hinton makes the I that knows what it holds. Knows without affect, affected by tenderness. When this chapbook asks you to dance, you’ll shake your head no and dance anyway. There’s a lot to be kissed on our trip to the shore.”

– Mike Young, Author of  We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, and  Look! Look! Feathers

I Don’t Respect Female Expression is the 4th chapbook release from Safety Third Enterprises. Comprised of 11 pieces author Frank Hinton explores her own voice and her own pseudonym as a loving male narrator is joined by the female counterpart Lili.

Frank Hinton lives in Halifax, Canada and edits the daily fiction litzine Frank has had fiction published in Lamination Colony, PANK, & Kill Author, Wigleaf and a bunch of other great literary magazines. Frank has almost 2000 followers on twitter and is highly photogenic.

I Don’t Respect Female Expression was awarded 2011’s Best Alt Lit Chapbook by The Alt Lit Gossip Awards.

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