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Ladies & Gentlemen, Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth

With a fevered excitement Safety Third Enterprises is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Every Laundromat in the World by Mel Bosworth.

Read the words on its future release and bask in that radiant cover here.

There will be a contest to win great prizes soon. There will be photos of the highly detailed packaging very shortly. There will be limited pre-orders that come with Polaroids that fit snug into the layout.

Every Laundromat in the World is a collection of the blood of the everyday.


Frank Hinton and xTx Chapbooks Go Digital

Hate paper cuts? Think your mail person is a spy for some conglomerate agent (We all do)? Well, the digital versions of I Don’t Respect Female Expression by Frank Hinton and He Is Talking To The Fat Lady by xTx are available at the Safety Third store.

Frank Hinton and xTx Chapbooks Go to the Mail

The re-presses of Frank Hinton’s I Don’t Respect Female Expression and xTx’s He Is Talking To The Fat Lady are officially shipping.

Here are some of the bundle packs leaving in the mail today all wrapped and bow-tied for a gift like opening once they arrive.

If you missed out on the bundles fear not as the chapbooks can still be purchased on their own.

If bound paper seems dated and hidden zeros and ones are your preference the digital versions of the second, and final edition, of these two wondrous chapbooks will be out very soon.

The winners of Vouched Books Single Sentence Review Contest have been named: Joe Kapitan and DeWitt Brinson. Vouched holds the details and the sentences that it took to take the prizes.

Happy xTx and Frank Hinton Chapbook Day

Pre-orders are up for the second, and final pressings, of I Don’t Respect Female Expression by Frank Hinton and He Is Talking To The Fat Lady by xTx.

75 copies this time around and each chapbook boast new additions.
Copies can be purchased individually or in a generous bundle (including one deal that will put all current Safety Third titles at your doorstep for $14).

All orders will ship out on January 31st.

And in case the busyness of the web caused your eyes to be adverted to another location today Dennis Cooper gave praise in the form of the word love for I Don’t Respect Female Expression and to xTx for her Tiny Hardcore Press collection Normally Special.

And don’t forget that the Vouched Single Sentence Review contest for xTx and Frank Hinton is taking submissions until Monday the 23rd. Winners get some great prizes, including the ink stamp that is used to make the chapbook covers: physical proof that these releases are forever gone.

Go here to shop.

Digital copies will be available after February 1st.


Frank Hinton and xTx pre-orders go up tomorrow.

Contest With A Single Sentence Review, Win xTx and Frank Hinton Chapbooks…and more

Joining forces with Vouched Books Safety Third is proud to announce the xTx and Frank Hinton SSR Chapbook Contest. The rules are simple: write a single sentence review (a blurb if you will) about the work of either writer.

The contest will ensure that there will be no more pressings of either chapbook. Part of the prize packet is the actual stamp used for each cover.

Here are the winnings:
– Receive a complimentary copy of xTx’s He Is Talking To The Fat Lady and Frank Hinton’s I Don’t Respect Female Expression.
– Have their SSR incorporated into VouchedATL’s packaging of the chapbook.
– Have their SSR published at Vouched Online.
– Receive the ink stamp used to create the chapbook’s cover, ensuring there will never be another run go to press.

To throw your words into the ring go here.

Congratulations to xTx and Frank Hinton

The Alt Lit Gossip Awards, or ‘The ALTIES’ if you wear a tuxedo to bed and call a fuck buddy a companion, happened and accolades were awarded to xTx and Frank Hinton.

Be on the look out as tomorrow’s hangover will be greeted with more news on xTx and Frank Hinton’s chapbook represses.