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It’s A Liquidation Sale

Safety Third has been on the hush side of late, but things will soon become noisy and decadent. There will be chapbooks to read as plans are moving beyond being an existence of ideas.

But before all that a makeshift office in a room must be cleared. This is liquidation sale as most of these chapbooks are close to being sold out.

Those holidays are coming up and what makes a better gift than I Don’t Respect Female Expression by Frank Hinton, or He Is Talking To The Fat Lady by xTx? Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth is a great stocking stuffer — though you will need an awkward sized stocking to house it. And don’t forget Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn by Tom Cheshire is a great companion to West End Motel‘s new album.

So please head over to the shop, and remember if you’re ordering in the US the shipping is free. If you’re outside the states send an e-mail and we’ll work it out.


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